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Ok, below are a collection of portraits and details from Keerthi and Mark’s wedding.  The crew at Garden District did a phenomenal job with the flowers.   Ann Zambetti teamed with them to make The University Club look absolutely spectacular.

And what a cake?  I had to work my way through a crowd of people oohing and aahing at the cake from Sweet Tooth Creations made.



Here is the first of three posts from Keerthi and Mark’s wedding.  The ceremony was at Christ United Methodist church.  It was my first time there, and I was stoked to find an awesome little cove with lots of green for their first look.

Recently, I have found myself being drawn to the moments of a wedding day even more.  There were some great moments throughout the day and the images below are just some from the start of the day through the ceremony.  Enjoy!  More images are coming soon.


A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from Olivia who has been one of my great friends for several years.  She is a wonderful entrepreneur who not only runs a spectacular catering company, but she has expanded to provide couture rentals and planning services as well.

The images below show off her amazing style, and we will be doing more work for her websites in the coming months to make sure her awesome work gets shown properly.

Check out her work at Delectables Catering and Studio 1524  and a special thanks to Kamesha of Ava Loren Design for the beautiful custom invitations.


I absolutely love this image because it embodies everything that is wonderful about family relationships that can be captured on a wedding day.  A few days before Kacie and Jeremy’s wedding in May of 2010, her grandfather went into the hospital.

She wasn’t sure if he would be released to make it to the wedding.  We received word before the wedding that he checked out against medical advice and had told the people at the hospital that he would NOT miss his granddaughter’s wedding.  They delayed the start of the ceremony a bit for him to arrive and be wheeled to the front row.

After the ceremony, she asked if I would capture an image of her and her sister with their grandfather.  When they leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, you could see the overwhelming emotion that filled his heart to be there with his precious granddaughters.

September of that year, I received an email from Kacie that her grandfather had passed away.  Every time I see this image, I am reminded of what an incredible privilege it is for me to document a wedding day.  With all of the details and hoopla of weddings, I think it’s vital to pause and take in the moments that are genuinely priceless.