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Well, the wait is finally over. Here is the first of several new posts for Carra + Robert’s Wedding.

Let’s start with some images from the preparation time. I love the look of Carra’s grandmother when she sees her in the dress. And I definitely love when a bride can cut loose before the wedding and let the nervous energy out.

Enjoy! More posts coming this week…


I am working to get all of the wonderful images from this wedding processed so you can see more of them, but here are a few to tide you all over for now.

Carra and Robert were super fun to work with and we had a perfect day for a wedding in August. A special thanks to the wonderful Annabella Charles and Darius for their help.

Enjoy the pics…


I knew from the very beginning that the details would be extra important for Stacy’s wedding. You can’t work for a wedding coordinator and not value the details of a wedding.

When Lynda and I showed up at Heritage Park, things looked beautiful. Angela and the whole Southern Event Planners crew did a wonderful job. Cindy Krag served up a phenomenal meal like always.

Below are a few favorites of the many details of the day.

Venue: Heritage Park
Florist: Southern Event Planners
Caterer: Cindy Krag
Wedding designer/coordinator: Southern Event Planners
Wedding cake: Ms. Peggy