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Anna and Paul had a gorgeous day for their wedding at Heartwood Hall. I love when couples include elements of their personalities in the wedding day.

From aviation to art, Anna and Paul really made sure that the day reflected who they are both individually and as a couple. They had a super sweet first look and then we took time for some relaxed portraits.

During the ceremony, they took some time to not only honor family members, but to also create something that symbolizes their coming together as a couple. Then it was time for the party. And they ended the night with a pretty cool and unique exit of paper airplanes.

Ok, enough from me. Time for the pics…



Emily and Nate had an amazing day for their wedding. The weather was spectacular and they were surrounded by friends and family. One thing I noticed throughout the day is that you almost never saw either of these two without a big beaming smile.

After a wonderful ceremony at Independent Presbyterian, we headed over to the Pink Palace Museum for their reception. The band got the party rocking and the crowd hit the dance floor to party with the bride and groom. They danced until it was time to go and then they headed out to the awesome exit car that Nate’s dad had restored.

Time to get to the photos…



Hey everyone! I have lots of amazing posts that have yet to be revealed because I’ve been trying to keep up with production while I am back in school for massage therapy. More on that fact later, but let me reassure everyone that I will be continuing to photograph weddings.

On to Becky & Chris and their wonderful wedding. I knew I was going to love their wedding as soon as she told me about her purple Chuck Taylors and their plan to get married at the Madison Hotel. They ended up with some amazing weather for us to go out and capture some relaxed portraits before the rain hit later in the evening.

Chris’s family is from South Louisiana so they had to incorporate a little New Orleans flavor into their wedding. They used some second line umbrellas in the portraits and then closed the night with a little parade of their own. In between, there was a super sweet ceremony, a photo booth from Amurica, a king cake pull for the ladies, and lots of great moments along the way.

Here’s a look at their wonderful wedding.


The blog has been quiet for a while now, but it’s mostly because I’ve been so busy this summer. I have a number of posts for you over the next few weeks, including some awesome news, but let’s start with an awesome wedding.

I’ve known Jonmarie for several years now and was incredibly honored that she and Chuck chose me to photograph their wedding in St. Pete’s Beach. They had their wedding at the gorgeous Don Cesar Hotel.

In case you missed their engagement photos, you should know that these two have an amazing chemistry. They are also deeply in love with each other and it shows through in the photos.

You often hear stories of the rain messing up weddings, but rarely do you hear about it making the day better. The rain came in about an hour before the ceremony to help cool things off and also provide some nice even cloud cover for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we headed up top for the reception. The rain came back for a while, but it let up in time for us to sneak down and get some night photos in. The party continued on into the night.




I met Molly several years ago when she was working for Allison and their studio was in Olive Branch. Over the years, I got to know her during the course of different weddings and other shoots that I worked with ARP. By the time she set out on her own to open the fabulous Maggie Louise Bridal Boutique in Collierville, I knew she would do an amazing job.

It was much later in the process when I met Eric, but it was evident from the first time I saw them together that they were a perfect fit. Every time I was around them I could tell that their relationship was meant to be.

I have had the pleasure of shooting a wedding with Allison on numerous occasions and we always have an amazing time working together. You may have seen Annabella’s name in other blog posts, we’ve worked together on a bunch of weddings with phenomenal results. While I’ve been friends with Amy for quite a while, we had not shot a wedding together yet.

So when Allison approached me about the idea of assembling such an amazing team to work together for Molly’s wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an unbelievable experience to work with other like minded photographers as we all played up to our strengths. We will all be posting images from Molly and Eric’s Wedding on our blogs this week and perhaps show more down the road.

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