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Deanna & Landon’s Wedding

Wow.  I feel like such a horrible blogger.  I have a couple of posts this week that will show why I haven’t been on here as much as I wished.

Ok.  That’s all the news I can muster at the moment.  I am posting at 2 a.m. because I was so incredibly stoked from Deanna & Landon’s wedding.

See, I knew I was going to enjoy the wedding when Deanna kept talking about how much she loved the “heads shot” (see the first image on my main site for a reference).  Then I later saw she and Landon at The White Stripes concert, and I knew this was a couple who would be up for some real fun.

So I started working on a very different version of the “heads shot” that can be referred to as the “masks shot” for now.  I was so grateful that they gave me time between the ceremony and reception and then after the reception.

The ceremony (which I did photograph) was at the beautiful Schaeffer’s Chapel at Kingsway Christian Church, and the reception was at the incredible Hilton of Memphis.

Also, I have to give the incredible Lisa Thomas a huge shout out for never complaining despite gashing her arm on part of a light stand in my bag.  Cute bandaid collection. 

The rest of their photos will be posted after they see the pictures.

Have a great time in Cabo, you two. 

Now on to the pictures…

a few from the post-ceremony/pre-reception time…


 and a few more from the post-reception shooting…


August 21, 2007 - 4:15 pm

Deanna & Landon - in LOVE with these pics. can’t stand the anticipation of seeing the rest. you the man.
xoxo deanna & landon

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