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Kacie & Jeremy’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

I’m still working feverishly to get caught up.  I’m heading out of town this weekend to celebrate theView full post »

Rachael & Luke’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

Ok, I’m still grinding away trying to get the blog caught up. A couple of weeks ago, Lisa and I headed out to theView full post »

Jenna & Matt’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Ok,  I am long overdue on the posts you will be seeing over the next days.  And I won’t go into the details ofView full post »

Neelam & Eric, part three | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Ok, I am really trying to get caught up on all of my blogging, but life is pretty crazy right now.  I have two moreView full post »

Neelam & Eric, part two | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Ok.  So after a crazy fun weekend with two weddings (blog posts coming soon), it’s time to get the blog crankedView full post »

Neelam & Eric, part one | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Ok, so this is the first of several posts that will cover Neelam & Eric’s Wedding(s).  We’re going toView full post »

Natalie & Shawn’s Wedding | Destination Wedding Photography

Ok, I have a lot to catch you up on.  Let’s start with the fabulous wedding I shot a week ago in the DominicanView full post »

Megan & Derek’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

So on a crazy, stormy Saturday afternoon, Darius and I headed over to Evergreen Presbyterian for an awesome wedding dayView full post »

Ashley & Derek’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

I’m kind of delayed getting this post up, but anyone who’s been in or around Memphis lately will understandView full post »

Aubrey & Lars’ Wedding | Memphis Wedding photographer

You’ve seen the sneak peek, now it’s time for the real thing. Aubrey and Lars were truly amazing to workView full post »

Page & Joseph’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

First, let me thank everyone for being patient with me as I am trying to get caught up. The production backlog is kindaView full post »

Katie & Ryan’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photography

Several weeks ago, I headed downtown to the lovely Cadre Building for Katie & Ryan’s Wedding. We had aView full post »

Chantel & Jay’s Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege and the joy of photographing Chantel & Jay’s wedding. After a beautifulView full post »

Page & Joseph’s Photo Booth

Ok. Again, I’m still behind but trying to catch up. But here’s some fun for you to enjoy. Page & JosephView full post »

Katie & Ryan’s Wedding Sneak Peek | Memphis Wedding Photography

So I’m heading home to Memphis tonight. I’m hoping to have everyone caught up soon and get the blog flowingView full post »