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Hey everyone! I have lots of amazing posts that have yet to be revealed because I’ve been trying to keep up with production while I am back in school for massage therapy. More on that fact later, but let me reassure everyone that I will be continuing to photograph weddings.

On to Becky & Chris and their wonderful wedding. I knew I was going to love their wedding as soon as she told me about her purple Chuck Taylors and their plan to get married at the Madison Hotel. They ended up with some amazing weather for us to go out and capture some relaxed portraits before the rain hit later in the evening.

Chris’s family is from South Louisiana so they had to incorporate a little New Orleans flavor into their wedding. They used some second line umbrellas in the portraits and then closed the night with a little parade of their own. In between, there was a super sweet ceremony, a photo booth from Amurica, a king cake pull for the ladies, and lots of great moments along the way.

Here’s a look at their wonderful wedding.

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